All the benefits of green tea to promote cognitive stimulation

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FontUp Capsules

FontUp capsules allow a much more versatile therapeutic dosage. Its content of green tea extract with 100 mg of EGCG per capsule adjusts to the therapeutic needs of each person. The new presentation in small capsules has been designed to improve adherence to long-term treatment and achieve maximum benefits. This is the new therapeutic approach to promote cognitive stimulation in people with Down syndrome.

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Features and benefits of FontUp green tea

Our products provide you with all the properties and benefits of green tea, with its wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin C. In addition, it has a high content of soluble fibers that combined promote a continuous intestinal transit . It has 100% of whey proteins that provide a high biological value. FontUp supplements the diet with all the necessary nutrients that contribute to the cells protection against oxidative damage. Currently, we present our product in the variety of chocolate flavor, suitable for people allergic to gluten and lactose.