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Laboratoires Grand Fontaine is an international company dedicated to the care and betterment of people’s health. We specialise in the investigation, development and production of medical nutrition for adults.

It was founded with the mission of bettering the nutritional state of adults and therefore their life quality. We offer a wide variety of nutritional solutions adapted to people from different ages ad clinical situations.

We work as an afiliated enterprise of Laboratorios Ordesa, a key shareholder company with more than 70 years of experience in child nutrition and responsible for the distribution of our products in Spanish pharmacies.

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FontUp® is the result of several years in collaboration with scientists and research leaders of the clinical trial TESDAD: Dr. Rafael de la Torre and Dra. Mara Dierssen

Laboratoires Grand Fontaine after the publication on said paper decided to collaborate throught the elaboration of a formula that contains EGCG that is focused on the bettering of the cognitive development in people with Down syndrome. At the moment, we offer two formats to cover diferent necesities.

FontUp®: The nutritional formula that contains EGCG and betters the cognitive capacity.

FontUp® capsules: The new format that allows a quick and easy take.

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